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Treasurer's Page

To contact the Maine Area Treasurer, you may send an email to


Make donations to the Maine Area payable to "Maine AFG Inc." and mail to:

  Maine AFG Inc.
  P.O. Box 621

  York Beach, ME 03910

Donations to the Area support our Delegate to attend the World Service Conference and supports our coordinators and other area position holders in their efforts to make Al-Anon visible and available to everyone who seeks it in Maine.

Maine Area Bequest Policy:

The Maine Area can accept bequests from Al-Anon members according to these guidelines:

  a) the bequest has to be in the donor's will;

  b) the bequest cannot be designated for a specific expenditure;

  c) the bequest is to be made payable to Maine AFG.


The Maine Area Assembly will decide by vote how to expend these funds in accordance with our traditions, concepts and warranties.


Group Expense Worksheet - Download the Group Expense Worksheet for a simple one page entry system to keep track of your group's expenses and donations. Just fill in your district treasurer's name and address and all your group's information will be in one handy place for your group's treasurer.

Group Expense Worksheet

AWSC Expense Worksheet

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Area Budget Documents

2018 Area Budget

2018 Area Budget Figures

2011-2016 Area Budget


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Budget & Actual


Budget & Actual

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