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Start A Meeting

How do I start an electronic meeting?

  • Each group should discuss & decide which online platform is best for their needs, and whether their meeting will be open or closed, as online platforms can present certain risks including privacy issues.

  • If your meeting is temporarily using an online format, fill out the red meeting Change Form on the homepage to get the change put on the Maine website. If your meeting will be moving to an electronic format permanently, go to the Group Records page to fill out the group records change form.

  • Here are some important things to consider if you are using an online format:


  • Protect anonymity: Use platform settings to protect the anonymity of members. Have a group discussion about whether to have only video, only phone, or both. Decide if the meeting will be open (link/phone number posted publicly), or be closed (by invitation only, and/or password required).


  • First names only: Some platforms may default to showing the full first and last name of participants. Educate users how to edit their names, and how to join with/without video and/or a virtual background.


  • No recording: Make sure the meeting is set up so that no one can record. 


  • 7th Tradition: There are many ways to help your group be self-supporting. Here are a few examples:

How do I start a regular meeting?

  • Once you've decided to start an Al-Anon meeting and have selected a day/time/location, go to the Group Records page to register the new meeting with WSO.

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