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The Area Delegate is the channel through which information flows from the World Service Organization (WSO). It is the Delegate's responsibility to bring to the World Service Conference (WSC) the viewpoint of the Maine Area on matters affecting the Al-Anon fellowship, and return to the Maine Area with a broader perspective of Al-Anon worldwide. 

About the World Service Conference


Wonder what happens at the World Service Conference? All conference summaries are available as a digital download copy. 


Last year's conference theme was Action is Attraction, There is No Growth in the Comfort Zone. How has your meeting been able to attract members through service and outreach? Perhaps some ideas might be found in the conference summaries!


You can see the summary from last year's conference labeled News from the 2019 WSC.


Next year will be the 60th annual WSC Conference with the theme of:



Dreaming Big with 20/20 Vision

Rever grand avec une vision 20/20

Sonar en grande con vision 20/20

Download the Delegates Report presented at the Delegates Assembly in May 2020.


If anyone has any questions, comments or concerns, please email!




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