Al-Anon: help for families and friends of alcoholics.


Maine Al-Anon and Alateen are resources for anyone impacted by a relative or friend’s alcohol dependency, either currently or in the past. Support is provided through literature and meetings, where everything shared remains confidential, as well as the identity of those attending.    

In meetings, we learn how to change our reactions to the attitudes and behaviors that commonly occur in alcoholic relationships. Literature is written by members and offers ideas on how to apply our Twelve Step program to the family disease of alcoholism. As non-professionals, we gather as equals, welcoming all who seek a healthier way to live. It is suggested that you try at least six meetings before you decide whether or not Al-Anon or Alateen can help you.

When you feel the drinking is too much to handle, there is hope in Al-Anon.

Coronavirus-Related Updates:

At this time, most in-person meetings are suspended. Many meetings are temporarily using an electronic format. 

Go to Al-Anon Electronic Meeting List.

While Al-Anon World Service has taken no position on how groups should respond to the outbreak, they have issued a statement saying,

"We suggest groups, Districts, and Areas access national and local health authorities to gain the knowledge necessary to talk to each other and reason things out. In accordance with Tradition Four, we encourage groups to be flexible in considering alternatives that limit personal contact, including temporarily holding the meeting electronically."

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Can Al-Anon help me?

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Not sure if you have been affected my alcoholism? Take this short quiz to find out. 

Quiz: Are you troubled by someone's drinking?
Quiz: Did you grow up with a problem drinker?


  • Maine Al-Anon Convention
    Aug 13-15, 2021
    Hybrid meeting (in person and virtual) at Ferry Beach Retreat
    & Conference Center, 5 Morris Ave, Saco, ME. 
    It's time to give a shout out to all Raffle Basket makers!!

  • S2 District meeting will be held third Wednesdays of the month at 6:00PM Meeting ID: 839 6530 7168  Password: 577805

  • S1 District meeting will be held first Sunday of each month at
    5PM on Zoom.  Meeting ID: 971 587 7629  Password: AFG

  • C1 District Meeting will be held the third Saturday of each month 11:15AM on Zoom.  Meeting ID: 860 6030 7974 Passcode: 808492

  • C2 District Meeting 9:30am-12:30pm, 2nd Saturday of the month on Zoom.

Alateen is a place just for teens bothered by someone else’s drinking​. During meetings, teens share with each other and learn healthy ways to care for themselves and cope with problems. 

Teens talk about what it's like to live with alcoholism

Quiz: Have you been affected by someone else's drinking?